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Have you ever had someone close to you tell you how much they appreciate you? If you have, I’m willing to bet you remember that moment well. That’s because an honest expression of sincere appreciation is to your ears and heart what water and sunshine are to plants and flowers.

The only thing that can match the joy of being told you’re appreciated by a significant other is when it’s you telling them that they’re appreciated. Today I’d like us to examine this two-way street called GRATITUDE.

GRATITUDE can be defined as a “feeling or expression of appreciation.” Truth is, even though you may deeply appreciate having that special someone in your life and are grateful for all they do for you, many people never say it or go out of their way to show it.

That’s a shame and today I’m going to embark on a mission to encourage you to give more time and attention to showing your appreciation. Why?….for the simple reason that it will improve your relationships, physical and spiritual, in profound ways.

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

~Willie Nelson

When you come from the space of GRATITUDE as a way of BEING, and not mere mouthing of it, the divine attitude of gratitude is a powerful place to live from because it completely relaxes and heals your mind on a very deep level.

There is a sweet deep acceptance of life exactly the way it is and this energy allows you to see, feel, and know the bigger picture of our soul’s life plan. By focusing on what you are thankful for, you increase the power and activate more of the good in life. The simple secret to finding happiness in our daily lives is to develop an unstoppable habit of appreciation.

When we feel appreciation for what we have and what we are looking forward to; for what we’re doing and not doing; for what is working and not working in our lives, we discover more awareness inside. We are aware of whom we are being in the world, why we are BEING this way and life expands to a whole new dimension.

“If you want to find happiness – find gratitude.”

~Steve Maraboli

Appreciate everything that your body does well! It’s easy to forget what a magnificent machine you live in until you get sick, break a bone or have to have surgery. Your body is miraculous; a great piece of art from the ALMIGHTY.

What causes us fear and pain is the opposite of gratitude, which is the desire to always want to have more.  That burning Yearning, Lacking and Feeling of desire often makes us forget about appreciating life and others. The mind has this habit of chasing desires all day long.

It’s always feeding itself with the next tantalizing morsel of what will make its life better. The mind yearns for something bigger, better, or more amazing to improve its existence. When we keep following the mind’s EGO around, we end up feeling lost in life.  It’s as if we didn’t have anything better.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

~Anthony Robbins

Our need and desire to be acknowledged and appreciated is a powerful force that’s deeply ingrained within us from an early age. I realized this just the other day as I was playing with my daughter in the kitchen. She had a bowl of her favorite ice cream on the table beside her.

After taking a little scoop with her tiny spoon, she would immediately return to attempt to shove some into my mouth and say, “This is for you, Daddy!” I would smile, thank her and give her a quick hug or loving pat on her head.

As I kept showing her appreciation in a way she could understand, that short moment of acknowledgment would send her back and forth her ice cream bowl with a huge smile. There lies the power of showing appreciation, because it can motivate like nothing else.

We need to show appreciation with more than a pat on the back, and that’s particularly true when it involves our friends, spouses and significant others. For example, if a dear friend has done something kind and you want to show your appreciation, a heartfelt“thank you” goes a long way.

Never underestimate the powerful message delivered by these two simple words. I don’t think we say it with the proper feeling often enough. Sarah Breathnach said it best…

“When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present, we experience heaven on earth.”

Showing appreciation for your spouse or significant other is also one of the keys to creating a happy and healthy relationship. Too many people become complacent in their relationships over time and, as a result, couples often take each other for granted.

This is a natural outgrowth of familiarity. So to combat this, you must be mindful about this negative trend and not allow it to happen. There are all sorts of creative ways to show your loved one GRATITUDE.

You can for example leave little love notes in unexpected places; such as inside her make-up kit or his wallet. Or even more exciting; inside the little door that leads to the petrol tank cap on the side of the car when you know she’ll soon hit the gas station.

That way, when she pops open that door to fill her car..SURPRISE….and there it is! It’s a simple and effective way of showing appreciation. As a beneficial side effect, I think this one also helps her to deal with the current fuel scarcity! Same is true for him!

A tender touch also delivers a powerful non-verbal message to those we love. A strong, warm and purposeful embrace goes even further. A simple, unexpected and nonsexual hug can go a long way to letting your significant other know you love, value and appreciate them.

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” 

~Marianne Williamson

The point here is to not only take note of the big things our loved ones do for us, but also the small things. Showing appreciation for daily doings and goings creates a deeper bond and a more motivated partner.

If you really want to shake things up a bit, try this one: Take your partner’s hands in yours, look him/her straight in the eye and say something like, “I just want you to know how much I appreciate all you do for me and I love you more than I can say.”

If you want to feel the power in that statement, close your eyes and imagine how you’d feel if it were your partner holding your hands and saying those words to you. Even though you may be absolutely sure that your special someone already knows you love and appreciate them, nothing drives that point home more effectively than your saying it and showing it. 

“As we express our GRATITUDE, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them”

~John F Kennedy 


What kind of glasses are you wearing as you go through life?  Are you wearing Poverty Consciousness glasses that only reflect back to you thoughts of lack, deprivation and financial challenge?

Or are you wearing your Abundance Vision spectacles and experiencing an attitude of gratitude that truly recognizes the divine wealth throughout your day?  I invite you to take this moment of your life right now, and get really curious about HOW you are usually seeing the world around you.

If you are wearing Scarcity glasses, you are unknowingly focusing on what isn’t working and worrying about what is missing or lacking in your life.  As you see only what’s missing, your body-mind and emotions are permeated with the neuro-chemicals that create the experience of more fear, doubt, worry and scarcity.

This creates a lower vibration in your body where you can only manifest experiences that reflect back that frequency of difficulty, poverty and lack. To quote the late author Margaret Cousins:

“Appreciation can make a day – even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” 

The good news is that you can choose to take off your poverty glasses and exchange them in for NEW Abundance Vision!  These super clear abundance glasses have powerful conscious lenses that allow you to perceive what is working, what you are thankful for, where you are successful in life, and to truly FEEL the awesome divine energy that surrounds you and permeates your very BEING.

You no longer have to settle for a hard-working tough unloving life where you are merely getting by.  It is truly miraculous what manifests when you start seeing your world as a place that is full of joy and abundance.

Amazingly, being in a state of GRATITUDE is a potent way of being in the PRESENT. No matter how many curved balls life throws at me, I simply go into a ‘Thank God’ mode. As I continue to thank God for what’s available, I also thank for what’s possible as I download intuitive thoughts on how to deal with situation at hand.

For effect, I actually start looking for whom to bless; even in my messed-up state and every single time I do this, God causes more of what to be grateful for, to come into my space. It’s that powerful. Focusing on what’s missing or not working is too expensive for me to contemplate. It makes my mind go back and forth, scanning for regrets of the past or anxiety for the future. It’s only in the state of mindfulness can you become truly creative.

On a different note, there are times we feel offended when we are not appreciated for our efforts by others, especially when they are not so close to us. It is perfectly normal to feel this way. But guess what? It’s a gift to be of service to others and this is how I see it.

One, there are people whose situation in life is much worse than mine and whatever I can do to alleviate their condition is a gift of opportunity to make a difference. Two, am I expecting something in return? Certainly not. God in His infinite wisdom will cause a reward from sources I may never imagine.

Yours is to sow into peoples’ lives. Nobody owes me any appreciation.  Three, everyone answers for his/her own deeds. I do what is needful and I appreciate others. That’s enough for me. I’ve done my bit.

Finally, I cannot end this article without appreciating you, for being a member of this community, spending precious moments to share knowledge for the overall growth of humanity.

It is my hope that you’re as glad reading these messages as I am putting them together. And of course, keep the comments coming as you share this with others who you feel might also find it useful.

Remember: whatever you appreciate; APPRECIATES! 

To New Possibilities and Quantum Results

Tunde Makun

Your Strategic Coach

Ps Recent studies show that when you indulge in daily doses of gratitude, your overall happiness level goes up by 25% after 30 days. Gratitude makes sense of our past; brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.

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