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LIMITING BELIEF #5: I’m not talented enough.

With this silent declaration imprint, you will frequently shut the doors against your progress. Narrative expressions of this belief include:“I never get things right/quickly”; “I always mess things up”; “I just knew it would turn out this way”; “not again; here we go again” etc. Pay attention the next time things get messed up in this area, to the immediate responses that whisper in your head. These are the true reflections of the emotions associated with your belief around the subject.

Repeat this process a few more times and you will see a pattern, showing up as a limiting belief. What do your fears tell you about your beliefs, life-scripts, patterns and stories? Are you always a nay-sayer when a new project or adventure surfaces? Do you shift backwards when your boss is looking for a team-leader? Do you run away from responsibilities in territories that are unfamiliar to you? It’s about time that you faced your fears squarely and address this limiting belief. Choose a new belief such as:

LIBERATING BELIEF #5: I’m talented and capable. I can face any challenges.

As long as I can generate a big enough WHY for WHATever I desire, the HOW, the WHERE, the WHEN and the WHO will divinely show up through inspired action triggered by intuition. Acquisition of required skills and knowledge naturally flows into my action points. The strength of emotions accompanying my desire always makes the thought of feeling untalented impossible to accommodate; especially when anticipated rewards are significant. When you are firmly decided on a path of action, notice how determined you are to let nothing stand in your way.

Visualize more of these previous circumstances of success in your past to help reinforce your confidence when the situation calls for more courage. If you did it before, surely you can do it again. You are talented beyond measure and the only person standing in your way can only be you. Stay committed and reach out for help from those who’ve been through it. You are the master of your fate; the captain of your soul. Today, I’m happy that I can lay claim to some versatility because I’ve always believed I could take on any challenge. And still I have lots more new terrains to explore.If you learn to do more than is expected of you; you will likely be rewarded way beyond your expectation.

So, those are five dangerous beliefs that commonly work against us subconsciously. One way to momentarily check your belief on any subject is to quiet your mind when you are faced with taking a tough decision or coming to terms with a setback and listen to what your monkey mind is telling you. It’s usually within seconds and it often goes – “Hmm it’s not going to happen”, “I just knew it won’t work”, “No I don’t want it”, “Trust me to bungle it”, “I can’t afford it”, “I’m not surprised”, “How can I when he doesn’t make me happy”. Let us help you stop all Limiting Beliefs Now part 3

With continuous conscious observation, similar patterns will emerge and it’s then up to you to make a firm decision on choosing to imbibe liberating beliefs that serve your greatest purpose. Choose words that resonate with you. Another means of discovering limiting beliefs is to recognize when you try too hard to act contrary to your natural inclinations; for example if you are always trying to be a people-pleaser, helping everyone in a sycophantic way, perhaps deep down you believe you are bad, wrong or not good enough. When your strenuous acts are rebuffed or not appreciated, the pains run deep and as usual, your monkey mind will never deceive you.

Another way to identify hidden beliefs is to ask yourself what you most fear people will think or believe about you. This fear can point to darker beliefs you secretly hold about yourself.If you are overly independent and strive to do everything yourself, perhaps you are defending against a needy dependent self you inwardly perceive as weak or deficient. If you are a perfectionist, perhaps you are compensating for shame and inadequacy and a belief you are faulty or flawed in some way. Spend time to uncover your beliefs, for they can really be skin deep. Ask close, trusted friends for useful feedbacks.

On a final note, it’s futile to attempt to deny or subdue your true feelings around a limiting belief because what you try to prove to the world can be a sign of an opposite belief you are resisting. Take heed and simply meditate on new, empowering beliefs. Develop affirmative statements around each new liberating belief, which you will repeat early in the mornings and just before falling asleep. If this routine is kept for at least 21 continuous days, coupled with inspired action, then you are done with installing thenew belief. It is important to allow your passions and dreams to stir and fuel the creation of your new beliefs so they reflect your heart’s desires and who you are – the incredible, loving being that has come to bless the world with your special gift.

That’s it for today, I hope you have got some fresh perspectives on how powerful beliefs can be. A reality check for me when faced with a serious project is what hidden beliefs exist within me about every important aspect of the process and until I’m sufficiently sure of a replacement for any limiting belief, I consider it a waste of resources pursuing such a goal. Pay attention to your beliefs, for you can’t go farther than the strength of your belief on any subject. Watch out for another soon, in our series of success principles and habits and remember to share comments with us below. And until then,

Here’s wishing you a life of your dream.


ps The means to getting there are the qualities of being there! As you plan your life, fears will show up, challenging your fitness and preparedness to take on challenges. When you feel ill-confident or your skills appear inadequate, possibly fuelling negative beliefs, it’s wise to reach out to someone who’s successfully gone through the route or a Life Coach who’s trained to help hold your vision en-route to your success. Limiting beliefs are sometimes products of poor preparation masquerading as lack of talent. You are talented beyond measure. And remember that faith is only meaningful when your belief is aligned with your efforts. Get the best out of life; dump limiting beliefs. Affirm new liberating beliefs into your system. Be the best you are meant to be and make a difference to the world.

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