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The Big Picture

Our programs provide the strategy and tools you need to step forward into action – to enroll others in seeing what you can provide for them with your skills, knowledge and expertise and why yours is the business of choice.
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Tunde Makun is a certified Quantum Success Coaching Academy certified Life and Business Coach. 

He grew up in Ibadan, Nigeria and attended Government College Ibadan, University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), University of Port Harcourt and Lagos Business School. With qualifications in Chemical Engineering and MBA in Finance, he enjoyed a fast-paced but flourishing career in Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries with strong international exposure. These global experiences provided him with strong social skills such as Negotiation, Leadership, Productivity, Quality Management, Marketing, Change Management, Operations, Project Management, Team Management to mention just a few. He moved on to become an entrepreneur in his late thirties for the last 12 years with relative success in building many businesses in the fields of Facility Management, Logistics Management, Petroleum Marketing and Distribution and Agriculture and now Life and Business Coaching. 

In 2009 after while in search of the direction and color of his future, he got the divine answer through Steve Little’s Perfect Biz Builder Program where the emphasis of building business around life purpose became the real attraction. The a-ha of that program led him to move a step further into learning the art of guiding people into creating their desired future through the certification program of Christy Whitman’s QSCA.  

The love of people and the dream of building a sound legacy were now pronounced in his new thinking of how to become a mega success. Meanwhile he is still building new and successful businesses as a proof of this new discovery in the science of success. Part of the outcome of this exciting journey is the Big Picture Coaching experience. His life purpose is to deploy his creativity and organizational skills to support and empower as many people as possible to happily pursue their life ambition in a fulfilled and loving manner. He is a strong believer in the power behind the Spiritual Law of Attraction and with robust tools gathered from the exemplary lives of successful models of this school; he is determined to share his knowledge for human advancement.

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